From the fine folks at Malossi, a 72cc cylinder kit for Kymco, Honda and Daelim

This Malossi cylinder kit owes its performance to recalculated exhaust and transfer ports, a lightened and reinforced piston and an optimized compression ration.

For the following engines:

* Daelim Scooter 50 air-cooled (Message, Tapo)
* Scooter Kymco 50 (Honda engine - vertical cylinder)

For the following vehicles:

* Daelim GZ 50 Message 1997-2002
* Daelim TAPO 50
* Honda SK 50 DIO G
* Honda SK 50 DIO SP
* Honda SK 50 DIO SR
* Honda SK 50 DIO ZX
* Kymco CX 50 1993 in front with drum brakes
* Kymco CX 50 1994-1997 SUPER with disc brakes
* Kymco DJ * W 1994-2000 in front with drum brakes
* Front Kymco DJ Y 1993-2006 with drum brakes
* Kymco K12 1995-2000 (12 inch tires)
* Kymco KB * 1995-2000 (10-inch tires)
* Kymco ZX SUPER FEVER II, 1999-2006

Replacement pistons are available here.

Replacement rings are available here.

Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws before installing.

Malossi, Cylinder Kit; Kymco ZX50/ Honda DIO


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